Yeonsu Public Library


Welcome to Yeonsu-gu Public Library.

Hi there!

  • Since opening Yeonsu Children's Library in November, 2006, we have been consistently expanding and developing our public library infrastructure in Yeonsu-gu Ward. We are very proud of our achievements, including Songdo International Children's Library, Ongnyeon-1dong Small Library, Ongnyeon-2dong Children's Small Library, Yeonsu Cheonghak Library, Yeonsu 2-dong Small Library and Songdo 2-dong Small Library. in order to meet your future expectations, we will do our very best to uphold your rights of access to information and to narrow the knowledge (information) gap.

Leading in Global Incheon

  • We are committed to helping you make your dreams come true, cultivating your creative powers and building a brighter future. We want to create happy, comfortable, wired environments, providing you with a wealth of materials covering Incheon, Korea, and the world. cultivating truly global mindsets, we will foster the cultural development of Incheon through encouraging people to read more books, and by providing cultural events and programs delivering knowledge and information.

Cultivating a Book-reading Culture, Yeonsu-gu!

  • We will make comfortable public libraries accessible in people's everyday life. We will do our best to make public libraries treasure boxes full of “Knowledge, Culture and Dreams.” Thank you for your support.