Yeonsu Public Library


Each public library is networked with other libraries in Yeonsu-gu Ward to obtain materials unavailable to its patrons. ILB (Interlibrary borrowing) allows users to borrow all materials effectively and efficiently.

ILB (Inter-library Borrowing)

  • ILB Libraries in Yeonsu-gu Ward
    1. -Yeonsu Cheonghak, Yeonsu Children's, Songdo International Children's, Haedoji Library
    2. -Ongnyeon-1dong, Ongnyeon-2dong, Yeonsu-2dong, Songdo-2dong, Yeonsu 1-dong Small Library (※ Yeonsu-1dong Library will be joining in April.)
  • ILB Materials: All books, resources and items subject to loan
    1. ※ Materials that are currently available at the applicants' library are not subject to ILB service.
  • Loans: Up to 3 items (will expire after 4 days unless checked out)
  • 30 days penalty will be imposed on those who have not checked out ILB booked materials on 3 or more occasions
  • How-to: (Yeonsu-gu Public Library web site) → Sign-in → Search → Apply for ILB

IBL Checkout and Return

Day ILB Delivery Checkout & Return Procedure
Fri., Sat., Sun., Mon. Tue. 1. An SMS will be sent to you when your ILB materials are ready.
2. You may collect your ILB materials (Membership card is required) within 4 days of the SMS date.
3. Your loans will be:
   - Loans (from your library): Up to 5 items
   - Total loans (from both your library and network libraries): Up to 20 items
   - Period: 15 days (including checkout day)
4. You may return ILB materials at any public library in Yeonsu-gu (Yeonsu-1dong Library will be joining in April.)
Tue., Wed., Thur. Fri.
  • ※ Actual checkout date may be delayed due to a library holiday and subsequent IBL delivery vehicle delay.