Yeonsu Public Library

Wi-Fi Service

You can checkout e-books, audio books and other e-library services on each library web-site or by using smart phones or PCs. Mobile devices support a variety of library customer services including catalogue search, reservation and loan renewal.


  • Yeonsu-gu Public Library member

Hot Spots

  • Yeonsu Cheonghak Library, Yeonsu Children's Library, Songdo International Children's Library, Haedoji Library, Ongnyeon-1dong Small Library, Ongnyeon-2dong Children's Small Library, Yeonsu 2-dong Small Library, Songdo 2-dong Small Library, Yeonsu-1dong Small Library


  • 1. Create your "Wi-Fi Membership" account. PCs are available in the lobby. (Small libraries have PCs next to e-Catalogue machines.)
  • 2. Sign in

Net-work Configuration

  • Smart-phones and Table PCs
    1. Setting → Wireless and Network → Wi-Fi Setting → Select "CheongHak_Lib" → Select "PEAP" for user verifications(EAP) → Sign in ("Unknown ID" is not allowed)
  • Laptop PCs
    1. Enable wireless network → Select "CheongHak_Help" → Run "Internet Explorer" → Wait for seconds → Download and install "Laptop Agent" → Double click "Wireless" icon → Sign in