Yeonsu Public Library


Library members can access our exclusive online & mobile services including checkouts, loans, wish lists, loan renewals, seat reservation for digital collection, education programs, cultural programs, e-book materials and e-learning.

Membership Eligibility

  • Any person who lives in Incheon.
  • Any person who works or attends school in Incheon.
  • Any registered overseas Korean or foreign national who lives in Incheon.

Chaek I-Um (Public Library Network Service) Membership

PIN You must create your account on our web site ( PCs are available at library lobby. (This requires your ID verification through SMS, i-PIN or My-PIN)
Age Under 14 Over 14
Document requirements Principal Visit in-person with his/her legal representative -ID card with current residential address (Driver's License, Student ID Card, Public Servant ID Card)
※ If your ID card cannot prove current place of living, you may submit alternative documentary proof (incl. Resident Registration Certificate issued not earlier than 6 months)
- Proof of employment or enrollment; or
- Alien Registration Card.
* Application must be submitted in- person.
Legal representative - Your ID card
- Legal representative's ID card
(incl. Resident Registration Certificate or Family Register Certificate issued not earlier than 6 months)
  • ◈ i-PIN, MyPIN: For registering your personal identification number (PIN), please visit i-PIN( or My-PIN( Mobiles apps are also available. Community service centers will help you get a PIN.
  • *Membership card cannot be leased or transferred to any third party.

Re-issue of Membership Card: 2 office days after your application

  • One month penalty will be imposed on those who have applied for 3 or more re-issues in 3 months. The re-issued membership card will be collected by a holder only.)

Your membership will be cancelled if you

  • have overdue loans for one year or longer
  • carry out materials without following the proper checkout procedure;
  • give false user information intentionally or
  • fail to indemnify libraries for lost and/or damaged materials.
  • Once your membership is cancelled, you will be able to join again after one year.